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The Challenge

At the moment NGOs have no or limited mechanisms that provide real-time feedback on the service they provide. The donating public don't know what Recipients of charity "aid" think of the service they are provided. Feedback mechanisms do not offer Recipients protection or incentive to give honest input.

ExposAid's mission is to give people a say about the services they receive as "aid", by harnessing the power of social media as a medium for positive social change. A world where "aid" is delivered as an accountable service and people are empowered to influence and shape it.

My Role

I owned the UX and UI design of both web app and mobile after the team's initial ideation.

How we started

First things first. We set out to explore and to speculate about who our Personas could be. After a series of workshops, there was created 3 basic assumption Personas: a Beneficiary, a Donor and an NGO. We ran an immersive session where tried to understand what they see, feel, say and as a result built an empathy map for each of the personas.


After creating empathy maps we jumped onto uncovering pain points and problems for each of personas. Having a series of stimulating conversations we transformed points into goals and then goals into features, mapped to each of our Existing personas.


Later on, we wrote User Stories for each of the personas to establish better comprehension of what set of features we should prioritise and which of them coincide for different Personas.

Once initial research has been done, I started sketching working on both Beneficiary interface on mobile and NGO interfaces for desktop and mobile, assuming that NGO workers initially will work with the dashboard from the office.

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UI Interfaces

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